Vicksburg Theatre Guild

Procedures for
Costume Donations

Approved August 7, 2007


  • The Vicksburg Theatre Guild is grateful for all donations of costumes. To maintain our costume inventory in an organized manner, we ask that donors follow these procedures.


  • These procedures apply to all donations of costumes to the Vicksburg Theatre Guild.


  • Donated costumes need to be screened by the Costume Director or the Assistant Costume Director. It is preferable that the donor give the donated costumes to one of them.

  • If it is not possible to give the costumes directly to the Costume Director or the Assistant Costume Director, the costumes should be marked as a costume donation and put in the green room. For donations that are left outside, someone with access to the building should put them in the green room.

  • The Costume Director or the Assistant Costume Director will screen the donated costumes and put them in a dressing room or other storage location.

  • If the donor wants a letter verifying the donation for tax purposes, a description of the donation and the donor's contact information should be provided to the Director of Marketing. The Director of Marketing will prepare the tax letter and send it to the donor.

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