Gold in the Hills

Audition Information Form Part II


Available Roles

Speaker of the Prologue, adult

Madame Pizzicato/Professor Largo, a pianist

Singing Waiters, ages teen to adult (singing required)

Lizzie Jones, a housekeeper, adult female

Barbara Stanley, Nell's younger sister, teenage girl

Hiram Stanley, an honest farmer, adult male

Nell Stanley, his daughter, young woman

John Dalton, a son of the soil, young man (singing required)

Richard Murgatroyd, from the city, adult male

Sam Slade, his shadow, adult male

Jenkins, a constable, adult male

A Derelict, patron of the dancehall, adult male

Big Mike Slattery, a dancehall proprietor, adult male

Paper Carrier, a child

Pete the Rat, a dancehall waiter, ages teen to adult

Old Kate, a retired dancer and patron of the dancehall, adult female

Slick Steve, a dancehall waiter, ages teen to adult

Bowery Boys, ages teen to adult

Little Tammy or Tommy, a child

Mamie, Queen of the Bowery, adult female (singing required)

Chuck Connors, a Bowery guide, adult male

Reginald Vanderlop, an uptown swell, adult male

Mrs. Vanderlop, his wife, adult female

Edith Vanderlop, their daughter, teenage girl

James H. Glue, a sightseer, adult male

Rose Robinson, a favorite songstress, adult female (singing required)

Happy, the singing waiter, ages teen to adult (singing required)

Can-Can Dancers, females 9th Grade and older (dancing required)

Olio Singer(s) (singing required)


For more information, contact John Hesselberg at or 601-636-0471.