Vicksburg Theatre Guild presents...

Registration Deadline: Wed., Jan. 10, 2018 Extended to Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at noon
Cast Selection: 7 p.m. Fri., Jan. 12, 2018
Shows: 7:30 p.m. Sat., Jan 13, 2018
Tickets: $5

This show is a fundraiser, not part of the membership season. Tickets are $5.
Produced by Richard Van Den Akker

There is only one opportunity to see these original works, written and rehearsed over a 24-hour period by the area's best talent.

The theme is “I Was A Teenage...”
The plays must be titled “I Was A Teenage____” and have to be based on 50's Sci-Fi movies.

Photos of Casting
Photos of Performances

All 2018 Ten-Minute Play Project YouTube videos
All Ten-Minute Play Project YouTube videos

Actor: Mark Weaver
Director: Sara Dionne
Writer: Jo Beth Britt
YouTube video
Cast & Staff
I was a Teenage Rougarou
written by Fawn Francis, directed by Elizabeth Cowan
YouTube video
Reece 1/Man - Pete Dionne
Reece 2/Girl 1/Sam - Clarissa Walker
Reece 3/Girl 2/Michael - Kathryn Goss
Lady - Elizabeth Cowan
Props - fraternity initiation paddle, stuffed lamb,
stuffed alligator, lug wrench, tea kettle
I was a Teenage Alien
written by Richard Van Den Akker, directed by Sara Dionne
YouTube video
Joseph - Gray Weaver
Christina - Shelby Goss
Emily - Sara Dionne
Props - spray can of Raid Ant & Roach Killer, sting ray (plush), small dog (stuffed toy),
three toed ‘grabber’ tool
I was a Teenage Kleptomaniac
YouTube video
written by Jo Beth Britt, directed by Sarah Goss
Captain Tennille - Mark Weaver
Derrick Answer - Andrew Cochran
Candi Carnival - Ashleigh Holliday
Sarah - Sarah Goss
Props - donut, white smoking pipe,
frying pan, lava lamp, stuffed elephant
Production Team
Producer - Richard Van Den Akker
Box Office - Janet Birch
YouTube video
Katrina Renée Byrd, Andrea Fairchild, Beth Martin

Online registration
Printable Registration, Schedule, and Rules (MS Word)
Printable Registration, Schedule, and Rules (Adobe Reader)

Tickets are available the day of the show at the VTG Box Office.

Friday,  Jan 12, 2018

7:00 pm        All participants bring 1 prop and will meet at VTG for introductions and orientation.  Playwrights draw from a hat to randomly select Directors and performance order.  Directors draw from a hat to randomly select Actors.  Actors draw from a hat to randomly select the prop/costumes to be incorporated into the play.  Actors are then released and Playwrights go home to begin writing.


Saturday, Jan 13, 2018

9:00 am        Playwrights arrive with copies of their finished scripts (ENOUGH FOR THE CAST and DIRECTOR, AND one copy for VTG).  If you are unable to provide copies, please let VTG know so that arrangements can be made.  Playwrights meet with Directors and Actors for a first read-thru of the scripts. Rehearsals begin at Hawkins Church.

6:00 pm        All participants gather at VTG for further rehearsals and a tech-through of each play.  Directors will provide a copy of the script with any light cues needed for the Light Board Operator.  

7:00 pm        Call for all participants, all shows

7:30 pm         Curtain up!!!



  1. Writers. Writers get ~12 hours to write a ten-minute play for the assigned cast and props. Writers will each select one director by lot. The VTG will not be available for writing. The writers will inform VTG of the titles and scenarios Saturday Morning. Writers will avoid foul language and strong sexual references in their scripts.

  2. Directors. Directors get ~12 hours to rehearse the play. Directors will select their cast by lot.

  3. Props. Each participant must bring one prop for the shows. Props will be selected by lot. Additional props may be provided by the director/cast.

  4. Sets. The stage will be empty. Four chairs will be provided backstage. Any other set pieces used should require minimal (<5min.) set-up. Standard stage lighting will be used. Any special lighting (strobe effects etc.) must be handled by the director/cast and require minimal set-up. Any sound effects must be provided by the director/cast.

  5. Selecting a Winner. A panel of judges will vote on best actor, best director and best show.

  6. Rehearsals. Rehearsing will take place at Hawkins Church, not at VTG.

  7. Preferences. VTG will try to assign participants as writers, directors or cast based on their preferences.