Vicksburg Theatre Guild presents...

Auditions (for both shows): Sat. May 14 at 2 p.m.
& Mon. May 16, 2022 at 6 p.m.
children ages 7-18 years old.

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (age 14-18): Jul. 8-10, 2022
Disney's Frozen, Jr. (age 7-13): Jul. 22-24, 2022
Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 p.m.; Sun. at 2 p.m.
Tickets: $10, $5 children (age 12 & under)

The Youth Summer Production is open to children ages seven through eighteen. Through the Youth Summer Production, children gain experience in many of the areas of theatre such as acting, learning lines, making costumes, helping with set construction, and helping backstage.

The Youth Summer Production, established in 1986 by Don and Kathryn Resio, is celebrating its 37th season in 2022. Many of the props and sets have been made by our parents, whose participation is essential to the success of our program. We need interested adults to help in all areas.


  • Open to all children ages 7-18 years old

  • Registration fees: $45 per child for VTG Family members and $65 per child for other members and non-members are due at Orientation.
  • Tickets: $10, $5 children (age 12 & under)

Auditions: Sat. May 14 at 2 p.m. & Mon. May 16, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Cast: children ages 7-18 years old.

Registration/Orientation: May 17, 2022 (The Lightning Thief) and May 18 (Disney's Frozen, Jr.), 2022 at 6 p.m.

Performances: Jul. 8-10, 2022 (The Lightning Thief) and Jul. 22-24, 2022 (Disney's Frozen, Jr.) Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 p.m.; Sun. at 2 p.m.

Tickets are available the day of the show at the VTG Box Office or online.



The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical


Percy Jackson - Jaylen Smith
Annabeth - Hailey Wells
Grover - Danielle Gray
Luke - Jamari McGloster
Chiron - Shayne Thompson 
Oracle - Jessica Anderson
Gabe Ugliano - Jessica Anderson
Clarisse - Alyssa Kindhart
Silena Bouregard - AnneMarie Jeffers
Katie Gardener - Morgan Emmerson
Mrs. Dodds - Hannah Hughes
Sally - Callie Campbell
Poseidon - Jaiden McGloster
Minotaur - Bo Campbell
Dionysus - Gavin Standish
Bus Pass. 1 - Hayes Hunter
Bus Pass. 2 - Lauren Harmon
Bus Pass. 3 - Hope Pownall
Fury 2 - Teagan Thompson
Fury 3 - Midori Allen 
Squirrel - Isabella Welch
Bus Driver - Thomas Richardson
Bianca - River Durst
Medusa - Gabby Andrews
Train Conductor - Midori Allen
Ares - Hudson Hunter
Newscaster - Hayes Hunter
Farmer - Indigo Stockton
Echidna - Teagan Thompson
Voice of Kronos - Gavin Standish
Thalia - Ryanne Richardson
Charon - Jeanette Bantugan
Janis Joplin - Gabby Andrews
Kurt Kobain - Thomas Richardson
Mozart - Hudson Hunter
James Brown - Jaiden McGloster
DJ Cerberus - Bo Campbell
Hades - Shayne Thompson


Assistant Director - Lisa Hill
Choreographer - Genevieve Rushing
Assistant Choreographer/ Stage Manager - Beth Fortner
Props and Costumes - Hope King and Lisa Hill
Sets - Sarah Goss, Jason King, Chris Rudd
Parent Coordinator/Marketing - Casey Rudd
Fly operator - Helen Hunter
Mics and Sound - Shelby Goss and Michael DeJesus 
Lighting - Kat Goss


Disney's Frozen, Jr.
Anna - Molly Ming
Middle Anna - Mollie Lafferty
Young Anna - Makenna Curry
Elsa - Jaidyn Pedifoot-Powell
Middle Elsa - Addison Marshall
Young Elsa - Lucy Nasif
Olaf - Grace Edwards
Hans - Ace Dixon
Kristoff - John Armstrong
Sven - Elizabeth Bednar
Bulda - Mollie Lafferty
Pabbie - Emily Southard
Queen lduna - Abby Hughes
King Aganaar - Jamari McGloster
Oaken - Garrett Balsamo
Duke of Weselton - Addison Bednar
Summer Chorus - Aaron Constancio, Aura English,
    Abigail Tubman, Emma Ford,
    Rielynn Kinstley, Willow Goodnight,
    Addilyn Griffith, Brooklyn Tennison, George Fields
Snow Chorus - Chloe Hudson, Jacey English,
    Addison Marshall, Emma Ford, Mattie Lafferty,
    Willow Goodnight, Anna Sophia Fields
Oaken’s Family/The Hidden People/Castle Servants - Allie Blount,
    Mary Helen Bradley, Addison Marshall,
    Chloe Hudson, Garrett Balsamo, Scarlett Busby,
    Jacey English, Mattie Lafferty, Sutter Wong,
    Elli Burns, Marissa Rudd, Sabrina Tubman,
    Melanie Floyd, Harper King, Charlotte Amborn,
    Sadie Kate Andrews, Arwen Durst


Student Directors - Abby Hughes, Danielle Gray
Choreographer - Genevieve Rushing
Student Choreographers - Jamari McGloster, Jaiden McGloster
Stage Managers - Beth Fortner, Abby Hughes
Props and Costumes - Hope King, Lisa Hill
Sets - Sarah Goss, Jason King, Chris Rudd
Painters - Shirley Stuart, Raphaella Santos
Parent Coordinator/Marketing - Casey Rudd
Fly operators - Shelby Goss, Michael DeJesus,
    Jaiden McGloster, Jamari McGloster,
    Hope Pownall, Leo Balsamo
Mics and Sound - Kat Goss, Hailey Hadad
Lighting - Danielle Gray