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Vicksburg Theatre Guild


The Vicksburg Theatre Guild (VTG) received a 60/40 matching grant of $10,000 from the Building Fund for the Arts (BFA) in order to buy sound equipment and a storage unit. The way the match works is that if VTG raises $6,667, then we will get $10,000 from the BFA. The total scope of the projects will cost VTG approximately $21,447. So VTG needs to raise $11,447.

To-date, we have raised over $9,500. The goal is in sight!



If you or someone you may know would like to donate, we have set aside the following categories:

Platinum — $1000 or more
Gold — $500 to $999
Silver — $100 to $499
Bronze — $5 to $99

Click here for a convenient donation form.

We are grateful for our generous donors.

Please note that VTG is a tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax deductible. For more information, please contact the VTG Project Manager at or

Details of Projects

Storage Unit $12,000

After a production closes, VTG has to discard many of the props bought and/or constructed due to lack of space. A storage unit will save VTG time and money so that we do not have to recreate set pieces and props. The time saved will help us spend more time towards the quality of the show.

The storage facility will be 16 feet by 24 feet. The storage unit will have 2 outlets on each wall and have a light switch on either end. It will be used to house set pieces and props from shows. For instance, our summer youth program, Fairy Tale Theatre, always uses thrones, crowns, shields, and trees. These items will be stored in this facility.

Sound System $9,447

VTG's sound system is lacking and/or is in need of additional crucial items like a boundary microphone (floor condenser) and wireless lavaliere system. VTG also needs to professionally wire the stage and auditorium for audio. Some of VTG’s income comes from rentals. We have had potential renters dissuaded from our lack of a complete sound system. Also, having a better sound system will improve the quality of our shows.


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