Regular mid-season memberships are about half the cost of tickets for the remaining two main stage plays and two Gold in the Hills performances. If you are already a member, a gift membership would be a nice way to share the excitement of live theatre.

Family Members also receive a $20-per-child discount on Fairy Tale Theatre registration.

Click here for an application form. At Main Stage plays, we will hold seats for advance ticket purchasers and members who have notified us that they will attend up until 15 minutes before curtain. Tickets which have not been claimed 15 minutes before curtain time are subject to forfeit. Members please complete the Attendance Notification Form.

2019-2020  Mid-Season Membership Rates
Type Full-Season Mid-Season
Regular Memberships
Child (age 12 & under) (1 ticket*) $20 $14
Senior Citizen (65 & over) (1 ticket*) $35 $25
Individual (1 ticket*) $45 $32
Family (tickets* for parents & children in immediate family) $100 $70
Special Memberships
Patron (2 tickets*) $125 $90
Angel (3 tickets*) $170 $120
Family Angel (tickets* for parents & children in immediate family) $200 $140
Benefactor (6 tickets*) $340 $240
Capital Patron (10 tickets*) $575 $400
Business Memberships
Small Business (6 tickets*) $340 $240
Business (10 tickets*) $575 $400
Corporate (20 tickets*) $1,100 $770
Sponsor (40 tickets and full-page program ad for sponsored show) $2,500 $2,500
* Each ticket entitles every member to attend one performance of each main stage play, and one “Gold in the Hills” performance during each of the Spring and Summer runs. Family Members also receive a $20-per-child discount for Fairy Tale Theatre registration.